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To use Sferic / Terrigena standalone Matlab programs it is necessary to download and install the latest Matlab Runtime Libraries.

To download the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) Library installer (MCRInstaller.exe):

  1. right click on the hyperlink for the appropriate version of the installer (MCRInstaller.exe) below , 
  2. choose "Save Target As ...",
  3. Select a directory on your computer and
  4. click the Save button.

Once the file has been downloaded to your local hard disk, locate the file using windows explorer,  double-click on it and follow the instructions. The Installer will create the appropriate directory structure and modify the system path.

Matlab V7.0.4 (R14SP2) & Matlab Compiler V4.2

Matlab V7.0.1 (R14SP1) &  Matlab Compiler V4.1 (R14SP1)


Later versions of the Matlab Compiler Runtime Libraries will be provided to clients by secure download upon application.


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